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Being the conductor of a symphony.

March 31, 2021
Example of a small minimalist home design design in DC Metro

Our clients take center stage, YOU are what everyone is playing for, YOU are what the story is all about.

We, as your designer, carefully listen with a trained and educated vision and ear, to your, our clients, story.

Immediately we begin to creatively write for each musician the part they will play as we dream of how we can achieve a standing ovation at the end.

We interview, listen to, and tediously select each player… the inspiration, colors, layout, function, lifestyle, lighting, placement of lights, which lights, lamp shades, how much light, use of light, function of light, switches, color/type/style of bulbs, furniture, rugs, fabrics, fabric usage/ wear ability, tile, tile layouts, flooring, sound, electronics, sound absorption/reflection, architectural drawings, construction, contractor best for the job, contracts, counter tops, knobs, hardware, plumbing, appliances, wallpaper, creative and unusual ideas, space planning, storage, budget, window treatment, windows, hardware, fireplaces, height, weight, depth, support, plausibility, cohesive, style, pattern, art work, accessories, organization, accessibility, privacy, paint colors and how/ where they go,

ceiling interest or not, windows, doors, hinges, molding, wall texture, cabinets, wood, stain or paint color of woodwork.