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The biggest compliments an interior designer can hear.

March 31, 2021
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I heard one of the biggest compliments an interior designer can hear. He said, “I have never used an interior designer before. I didn’t think I needed one. BUT after this, I will never NOT use an interior designer again. It has been great! The time I saved by not having to deal with all the details myself and the results are awesome.” He then began waving his hands around the room and said, “I could not have done this myself at all. It has been totally worth it.”

I smiled and looked around the room thinking of all those who have helped us make the vision come to life, as our client, continued to comment on all the details, inspiration and his fulfilled expectations. It brought to mind a recent conversation I had with my oldest son about the challenges of being an interior designer. He related an old Latin fable he learned as a child.

There was a king who wanted to send a message to the king of a neighboring kingdom. He asked his servant to give the message to the messenger to deliver to the king. But the servant, thinking he didn’t need the messenger, delivered the message himself. You can probably guess what happened next. The servant got the message wrong and almost started a war between the two kingdoms! The moral? Let the bakers bake, the painters paint, and the kings rule their kingdoms.

Toner Kersting, owner of Snyder Energy, is the client I spoke of. He hired Inner Loop Design to design his new office and conference room. As we began to design this space considering all his needs, desires and wants, we discovered we needed to enlist the help of several others – James of Refine Manufacturing and Design to build the custom rails, legs and white boards; Consentino Stone to supply the solid surface countertops; Pavlina of PavlinaStone, install the floating countertops made of the latest and greatest manufactured solid surface called Dekton; and Fernando Martinez Custom Cabinetry to install the casework. Without the collaborative efforts of these awesome professional craftsmen, our designs are not possible. It’s amazing to see a vision come together and to have our clients love the results. We let the client be the client, the designers design, and the craftsmen craft their specialties. The room is now a beautiful, functioning space for Snyder Energy to meet their clients.

Inner Loop Design would love to help you be the king of your kingdom and design your next beautiful home, office, restaurant or medical space.