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Tried-and-true rules of design

March 31, 2021

There are some tried-and-true rules of design such as, in drawings, balance, scale, space planning etc.…

but the challenges, time and creative talent that goes into designing, creating and bringing to life a functional cohesive space, can be a bit over whelming for even the seasoned designer with ….

an extremely large spectrum of product resources and selections narrowed down to clients needs, budget, function lifestyle and taste

Lighting … its effects on color, fabrics, surfaces and mood of a space Understanding forever changing tints and shades of color

HGTV, DYI and HOUZZ creating delusional expectations of time and cost Understanding the process of construction

Knowledge of the products quality, usages, limitations, warranties, proper application, insulation and durability

Legal codes, permits and regulations… different for commercial… residential…hospitality contactor relationships

Budget restrictions

Client expectations, lifestyle and function