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Build Outs: Floor plan review, CODE check, creative perspective. client advocate with builder, selections coordination, creative solutions. Designing for you the client, budget assistance. Working hand in hand with contractors to make sure all is going as planned Repurposed Spaces

Accessibility: ADA compliance knowledge,checking to make sure all is really accessible for your customers. space planning, demolition plans, 3D drawings, selections, client advocate with contractor, provide skilled reliable contractors, creative solutions, budget assistance

Sustainable: Creating spaces with the future in mind, We love the earth we are on and if you want us to keep this in mind while we design your space we are happy to specifying earth friendly products from tile, wood, paint, furniture…ETC.

Space Planning/Selections/Acquisition: Your hard surfaces such as floors, counter-tops, fireplace, cabinets, appliances and such can make or brake the flow of a room or entire home. So layout, color and usage are just some of the considerations you need to know. We provide education and a great knowledge basis and considerations to how you live in your space so that not only are the colors right but the material serves it full purpose to your needs. All while making sure the space flows in function to the way you live your life and your style.

Floor Plans/Revit/AutoCAD/Sketchup: We are fully versed in drawing programs. We can custom design your space so you can see a 3D furniture layout to the custom designed furniture or built-ins design specificity for your space and usage. Or if you need more specific drawings such as floor plans, lighting plans( RCP) electrical and plumbing.

Presentation: We are happy to give you a full presentation. BUT our favorite way …we love working with you, spending some time to get to know you so we can design specifically to your clients needs and your vision for your business. . We will then put a full specifications Power Point together for everyone to stay on the same page from contractor to installer.